At the Mountain Riders ranch in Oraovica, Komani, just 15 minutes from Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, riders will enjoy pristine nature and the traditional village life of the Komani region. Introductory to full-day (6 hours) horse rides (horse rentals with trail leader) are offered year-round and are tailored to meet the needs and wishes of new and experienced rider alike -- from a gentle stroll to a challenging mountain and river trail adventure. Available year-round. Reservations essential. ...more about this day adventure. (.pdf file)


Adventures in the Krnovo high mountain plateau. Ride out through the dark forest and into the wide open high meadows. Grassy paths crisscross the high summer pastures bordered by the majestic Lukovo mountains. Climb through glades tucked between the rolling hills and valleys, and pass small katuns (summer shepherd huts), where farmers cling fiercely to traditions of their ancestors. Take a brief rest under a mastif such as Babji Zub (Grandmother’s teeth – 2277 m) before climbing to the day’s destination and picnic spot: Captains’ Lake ("Kapitanovo jezero"). Return via a different route to the Vučje center. Those enjoying a second day of riding will explore the Krnovo plateau, crossing streams, passing through primeaval forests and under the impressive Mali Žurim and Veliki Žurim mountains. ...more about this 1- or 2-day adventure. (.pdf file)

Available June to end-September Please contact us at least 2 weeks in advance.


Learn trail riding skills, or renew your passion for horseback riding in the protected wilderness of the compact and astoundingly diverse Western Balkan nation of Montenegro.

Join Mountain Riders for a relaxing introduction to horse riding, or for a challenging half-day, full-day, or multi-day trekking adventure. We and the horses look forward to welcoming you!

Ride with 3e Travel and Mountain Riders back into the past and through the land of the legends of the wolf. Here, intrepid shepherds live in the peaked mountain huts of their ancestors, draw water from ancient wells tucked between the limestone rocks, and in the shadows of the momentous mountain ranges slicing through the landscape, strike a balance with nature. ...more about this 8-day progressive riding trek (.pdf file)

During our 8-day adventure, we explore two mountainous regions: the high mountains of the north, marked by solitary and wild open high plateaus and rolling hills under impressive masiffs; and the coastal mountain range of Old Royal Montenegro, with its ocean vistas from craggy mountainsides, deserted hamlets, and dark, mysterious forests. ...more about this 8-day progressive riding trek (.pdf file)


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