The Basics


In taking your reservation (booking), we assume you are in good health, with no pre-existing conditions or injuries that could make it dangerous for you to ride, that you are physically fit enough to mount and control a horse, and that you have sufficient strength and equilibrium to remain balanced and in control of the horse while riding for the arranged period of time.

If you have any questions about pre-existing conditions, your medical history, or your present individual health or fitness circumstances, please consult your physician before planning a ride with us.


Unusually early or late snowstorms may make riding too dangerous on some of our mountain trails. In this event, Mountain Riders will offer customers the opportunity to ride in a lower-altitude location, or an opportunity to reschedule their ride without penalty. Mountain Riders reserves the right to change routes -- or, in extreme cases, locations -- to avoid flooded areas, landslides, logging activity, etc., as these natural and man-made activities may have made the footing too dangerous for trail riding. In the case of a location change, we will offer alternative trails of the same type and duration, or you may cancel or reschedule the ride without penalty.


All riders must agree to abide by the trail leader instructions, and the Trail Rules, as posted (You can also download a copy: English / Montenegrin).


No responsibility is taken for your personal property. We will need to access horse equipment carried in our vehicles, so these vehicles will not remain locked at all times.

Vehicles parked at owners’ risk.

All pets must be kept on a leash.



RIDING IS A RISK SPORT. We take every precaution to provide suitable and safe horses for our customers, but all animals can be unpredictable. All riders must sign a declaration (risk acknowledgement/ liability waiver) before handling or mounting the horse. A parent or legal guardian must e present to sign the release forms for minors under age 18.


It is mandatory for all clients to wear a protective helmet manufactured to one of the minimum international standards while riding or handling the horses. A client may bring his/her own, or borrow one from Mountain Riders. We provide Level 3 protective vests from size XXS to XXL for all riders.

  • Sturdy shoes or boots and long pants are required.
  • No scarves or dangling earrings. These can get caught on branches or equipment.
  • Please wear a well-fitting long sleeved shirt or a jacket to protect from sun or thorns.
  • Riders should come prepared for rain showers, sun, and wind. The weather in the region can be unpredictable and may change several times each day.


A personal weight limitation of 90 kilograms is in effect for trail rides. Our horses cannot safely handle riders over this on the steep and rocky trails. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and would be happy to refer you to our partners in the region who organize alternative outdoor/sports activities.


Riders must be 16 years of age or older. (in addition, by law, riders under age 18 require written parental permission. Parents for persons over-16 to under-18 must be present to sign, but do not need to ride along.) If a suitable horse is available, riders age 12-15 who have finished a riding course or have a basic riding school certification may join our day rides (Komani Highlands)-- accompanied by a parent who is also riding -- on a case-by-case basis. Since the basic structure of riding instruction varies by country, please contact us.


Some of our trails are suitable for beginners; others require experience in the saddle and confidence handling horses from the ground, as it could be necessary to lead the horses over steep or otherwise tricky parts of the trail. Self-evaluation differes widely. We ask you to please tell us about your actual recent experience in the saddle so that we may make a pre-selection of route and make sure that any groups we make have compatible riding levels. A licensed equestrian coach will evaluate all riders in the safety of the arena before heading out on the trails.


All registered riders are covered under a legally-mandated accident insurance policy for amateur horseback riding issued by Lovćen Osiguranje Montenegro. This policy is limited to riding, and covers disability or death only. It does not cover, for example, emergency ambulance service, medical care for injury, or emergency medical evacuation. As a general rule of thumb for all travelers worldwide, individuals should consider taking out a comprehensive travel insurance policy covering theft, loss and medical problems. If you intend to partake in outdoor activities such as we offer, your policy should also cover ambulance or emergency medical care for “dangerous” or “risk” outdoor activities. Such activities may include hiking, climbing, rafting, and horseback riding. Please contact your travel agent or insurance provider for information and advice.


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