Price structure:  € 80.00 per day (5-6 hours riding time),  € 50.00 per half day (3 hours riding time) PLUS a per kilometer horse transport charge.   Please contact us for a quote. 

Included in rental fee: horse, horse equipment & rider safety equipment, trail leader.  Horse transport portion of rental fee determined on a per km basis (see above). 

Not included: rider transfers, food & drinks, incidentals.


Located in Oraovica, Komani, all programs include an orientation and

riding refresher (if desired) by a licensed instructor.  Riders can test their trail riding skills on our on-site trail course in the immediate vicinity.  Programs include trail rides of varying lengths, including breaks at scenic locations.  Rides are tailored to meet customer skill levels and wishes and most are

suitable for beginners.

Trail Riding Intro:  2 hour horse rental with ride leader: € 40.00   (minimum:  2 riders) 

Includes a trail ride on quiet country roads and paths.  Suitable for beginners.

Can be extended if the horse is available, each additional hour:  €10.00

Half-Day Mountain Ride: 3 hours horse rental with ride leader: € 50.00  (minimum: 2 riders* - but see below) Includes a trail ride in the hills/small mountains with a short rest at the halfway point.  Suitable for intermediate riders or for beginners with good balance/fitness/experience in other equilibrium & coordination sports (e.g. martial arts, pilates, snowboarding)

Komani Mountains and River: 18-20 km mountain and river trail, which takes  between 5 and 6 hours.   

Horse rental with ride leader: € 80.00  (minimum:  2 riders* - but see below)

Available June 15-October 15.  This ride is for experienced riders**  only. 

* if you will be riding by yourself (1 rider) but would like to ride in a group with a similar skill level, please contact us early - we will take your booking and try to form a group. 

Price for private rides: individual/one rider private trail ride of up to 3 hours is € 70.00, the Komani Mountains and Rivers trail is € 100.00 (full day private rental with trail leader). 

** Experienced riders:  Riders proficient at the walk, trot, and canter, and confident over rough ground/steep inclines and declines. May require leading horses on particularly difficult sections of trail.


(not taking additional bookings for 2019)


1 day trail ride - Captain's Lake Adventure

Approximately 6-8 hours riding time € 180.00 per horse (minimum: 2 horses/riders - full day rental)

2 day trail ride  - Krnovo Plateau Exploration (Captain's Lake and Zakaraj)

Approximately 10-15 hours total riding time € 260.00 per horse (minimum: 2 horses/riders - 2 days rental) 

1- and 2-day trail rides are suitable for riders with previous experience and good physical condition. See ride description. Groups welcome. Contact us for details! 

Included:  horse rental & horse transport, horse equipment & rider safety equipment, trail leader. 

Not included: rider transfers, accomodation, food & drinks, incidentals. Example of accomodation rates (book and pay directly with hotel at the tourist center Vucje):  Standard room with breakfast: € 20, Standard room with half pension:  € 25. Price per double occupancy, single supplement 30%.

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