Choose a relaxing introduction to horse riding, or a challenging half-day or full-day adventure.  Our horse rentals are suitable for absolute beginners, intermediate, and experienced riders alike.  We and the horses at Seosko Domacinstvo "Komanska Utjeha" (formerly Mountain Riders) look forward to welcoming you! 

Komani Highlands: At the Komanska Utjeha ranch in Oraovica, Komani, just 15 minutes from Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, riders will enjoy pristine nature and the traditional village life of the Komani region.  Introductory to full-day (6 hours) horse rides (horse rentals with trail leader) are offered year-round and are tailored to meet the needs and wishes of beginner, intermediate, and experienced riders alike -- from a gentle stroll to a challenging mountain and river trail adventure.  Available year-round. (Please note our availability is limited and weather-dependent during late fall/winter/early spring)

Reservations essential. ...more about this day adventure. (.pdf file)

Our traditional Montenegrin rural household has been freshly renovated. Everything is in pristine condition. We serve healthy locally-grown traditional Montenegrin food.

We have two rooms with two single beds each, one room with a double bed, And one room with three single beds. All rooms have a split-unit air conditioner/heater and their own private bathroom. There is a common living room with comfy leather sofas and a fireplace.  The beautiful, traditionally decorated space features a full-wall picture window to the terrace.  The sun terrace offers a perfect place to relax after a horse ride (hike or bike for non-riders) and watch the horses in the paddock.  Enjoy covered outdoor dining if weather allows. If it is too cold or too hot to enjoy eating outdoors, we have a very cozy kitchen dining room area where you can chat to the chef while he or she prepares the food. (Either the husband or the wife cooks.)  

In the evenings, relax in the cozy living room, on the terrace, talk around a campfire, or drive to Podgorica to enjoy the nightlife.  (20 minutes to the city center by car. Or take a taxi, which costs about 10 euros each way) 

Breakfast is a mix of smoked pork or beef from the neighbor, honey from the neighbor, fruit from another neighbor, cheese from the lady next door, and freshly baked bread. The price including breakfast and dinner is 50 eur per person. Children receive a 25% discount. For the adults, a glass of red or white wine from the local vineyard is includedat dinner. For the kids, some special homemade montenegrin juice. 

Reservations essential. Contact us per email (ku@mountainriders.me) or via our contact form. More information about the facilities and rooms can be found on our bookings.com entry, http://www.booking.com/Share-mSNTVf

which can be viewed, but not yet booked.